Saturday, May 2, 2009


New website! Huurrrraaaayyy! As well as Episode 6! Yaaaaaay! And a store! And a video game!! And a dragon!

Okay, not a dragon. But we're really excited about everything coming up, we've been filming like crazy and there's some fun episodes (as well as other surprises) coming your way in the near future (this Wednesday we're filming an episode featuring my dear friend Leon Russom from "Prison Break" and "The Big Lebowski"!)!! And we're also close to securing a date for an amazing celebrity cameo you won't want to miss (that'll be around October)!!! Pumped.

THANK YOU to everyone who's becoming a fan on Facebook and spreading the word, we really can't thank you enough, we want to do everything we can this time around to get the show out there to the world. But we can't do it without you guys, so thank you thank you thank you.

Keep on spreading the word! And have fun checking the site out and the many fun things it has to offer!!! Big props to Dave for working so hard on it!

More soon!


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Brian Thompson said...

Rick & guys are doing a great job, the website looks great and the episodes are hilarious...keep up the good work. I am glad ya'll have had me taking photos. Looking forward to the next shoot!