Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So time is FLYING. Damn. I can't believe it's May already!!!

I just noticed that our last post was in February, before I got on here I was thinking "What's it been, a month since we posted an update??" Wow. Craziness!

Needless to say (for those of you who still check the site) "PB" is NOT dead, it's just on a little hiatus right now. We're currently working on the fifth episode, but there's a ton of roles to cast in the thing, so getting everyone's schedules lined up has proven tricky.

So don't give up on us just yet, new episodes are on the horizon.

In the meantime, check out a silly video I made at:


(WARNING: If you're super religious and/or get offended easily DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!).

I'll also be posting a new spoof of the movie "Once" by the end of this weekend that I just shot.

Good things happening this year; keep an eye out for more episodes of "PB" in the next few months!

Thanks for sticking with us,