Sunday, July 18, 2010

SEASON 2!!!!!!!

HOWDY!!!! How are you doing? Oh, good to hear. Me? Oh, I'm fine, just dealing with that rash on my...wait, I think we got off track here.

SEASON TWO!!!!!! It's begun. Hope you enjoy. And kudos and a BIG thank you to Mike Kallio for our bad ass new intro!!!!!! Love it. Hope you do too. :)

Stay tuned!! And keep sending the website to your friends and whoever else, we're really excited about the new season and would love to continue to increase our viewers!!!

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Love you bastards!!!!!!!!

- MM

P.S. For those who are wondering what "Silent Scream" is (we reference it a lot in Season 2 - Episode 1), it's a really bad horror movie that Rick and I were in in 2005 (which is where we first met!), Lionsgate slapped their name on it and it was distributed pretty much all over the world, you used to be able to find it in video stores everywhere (I did just find it though in a Blockbuster in a small town in OH), and you can definitely order it on Netflix and all those sites. I'd advise you not to rent it though, it's really bad (I must stress that the director, Matt Cantu, is an awesome and talented guy though, and he didn't have much to work with, mainly the horrible, horrible script). But one thing that did come out of it is that I made some great lifelong friends (and PB!). :)