Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to ghostbusting...

Yowdy!! That's a word that's a mix of "Yo" and "Howdy." Just made it up; and I'm going to use it all the time now, to a point where people are like "Holy swiss cheese, this dude needs to shut the hell up with the Yowdy's." But I will not.

So WOW, I can't say it enough, but WOW, could time go faster??? Needless to say, we haven't forgotten about PB (and those of you who still check the site or who're still waiting for new episodes, or who are like "Wow, this show isn't funny at all"...we love you. (Yes, that's right, even the people who hate us, at least you're watching us.) LA has a magical way of sucking you into a vortex of madness (and day jobs to stay alive) which has kept us from locking down shooting schedules and keeping our word of new episodes when we promise them.

But that changes starting right now. Fo' reals.

We have some exciting things in the works, and just finished filming Episode 6 today (the "sheep episode;" pumped about it, we're learning more and more with each episode), but we're going to wait to throw it online until we've finished two more episodes (which will be completed in the next two weeks at the latest). Then, we'll always be ahead of the game, and will release each episode accordingly (whilst always filming new episodes), and hopefully we can bring back and keep the fans we've acquired thus far, as well as expand our viewing audience as a whole.

So be prepared for a new episode of PB in just a few weeks! And after that, the ghosts will be a-flying...whatever that means.


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